Creative, Affordable, Photo Booth Fun!!



Creative, Affordable, Photo Booth Fun!!

Since the start of operations as Mt. Hood Photo Booth in 2017, we’ve experienced exponential growth in both the Portland & Bend service areas.  Mt. Hood Photo Booth (now Mountain View Photo Booth) is committed to providing photo booth entertainment services of the highest quality, paying particular attention to operating costs while maintaining exceptional communication with our clients to ensure a positive customer service experience. 


Our mission at Mountain View Photo Booth is simple: provide professional, high-quality, photo booth experiences that are fun, competitively priced, ensuring exceptional customer service and value. Our team caters to each project’s specific needs to ensure excellence. We are confident you'll find what you’re looking for with Mountain View Photo Booth, and encourage you to contact us if you don't see the perfect fit.  For general inquiries, feel free to e-mail us directly.  For photo booth package quotes, please use the "get a quote" link on the toolbar or placed throughout the website. 


Not all events are a "one size fits all" experience. Whether you are a corporate client, bride/groom to be, event planner, or personal party host, we have a photo booth that is right for your event.

Digital Photo Booth

Our digital photo booth is a a modern kiosk loaded with digital photo experiences like Gif, Boomerang, and digital still images. Images can be instantly texted and emailed then sent directly to your social media accounts. Although our digital photo booth does not print your images immediately like the full photobooth setup, you can always email or text your images to be printed later on. This set-up is loaded with fun experiences that will entertain and engage your guests, and is a cost-effective way to add more fun to your event.  A digital booth is perfect for weddings, corporate events, parties, picnics, family reunions, and so much more.  Get a quote for more information.


The Open Air Photo Booth is a contemporary take on the old box-style photo booth.  The concept was born from the idea of taking what we love about photo booths of the past and making it work for modern events. Our Open Air Photos Booths are built for inclusion, for do-overs, and for endless customization. It allows for the integration of newer technology and our booths are modern, attractive, and sleek. 

Our Open Air Photo Booth is not an enclosed space like a box or a vehicle where you only get two or three people in a photo. Modern events like a wedding or corporate party center around the idea of getting everyone involved so, the idea of sending two or at most three people to close themselves off in a tiny space behind a curtain doesn't quite align. Photos taken in open air photo booths can fit more than a dozen people at a time which allows for better group shots and more overall involvement from your crowd.  Because there's not a curtain, spectators see what's going on and get inspired to jump in and try it for themselves! 


What is the Selfie Slideshow and Print Station? 

 Gone are the days of buying a whole bunch of cameras for your guests to take pictures of your event.  With the selfie slideshow & print station, your guests will use their own mobile devices to create stunning slideshows from live event photos as they are captured in real-time. With guests as photographers, fun moments are broadcast onto a large-screen for everybody to see.  In addition to your slideshow, your guest will receive a 4x6 printed photo of their upload on professional dye-sublimation paper as a keepsake. Don't spend a fortune on instant cameras and film, when for one set price, your guests can take unlimited photos and display them instantly for all your guests to see. Want to know more about pricing and packages?  Get a quote below:


Why make your guests come to the photo booth when you can take the photo booth to your guests? The Mountain View Ring Roamer offers you and your guests even more freedom in capturing memories of your day. When you book the Mountain View Ring Roamer you add more fun, more candid photos, and more guest interactions to your event.

The Mountain View Ring Roamer is one of the newest trends in the photo booth industry. When you book the ring roamer, our photo booth attendant will walk around your event during social engagement time with a mobile photo booth. Your guests will be able to take photos wherever they are at.  On the dance floor? At the dessert table? Sitting in your seat? No problem...we'll take roamer there!


Are you doing your own photo station or want props or a backdrop for your event?  You can book professionally manufactured party props or one of our backdrops.  Pick up your props or backdrop from our office at a specified time and return them at the end of your rental period.


When you have a great product and great customer service, people like to talk.  Well...we like to brag, so here are some examples of how Mountain View Photo Booth has provided creative, affordable, photo booth fun for some of our past clients. (references to Mt. Hood Photo Booth refer to our previous brand) 

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