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Book with Confidence in Uncertain Times

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic in the wedding industry, many vendors with by design or by choice, don't have the ability to be flexible with their operations. At Mountain View Photo Booth, we have always been proud to offer a "one size does not fit all" operation. As we have grown as a company, we have diversified our photo booth experiences so that each event can be custom tailored to each client. With that being said, we have taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our guests and compliance with state health guidelines:

1) "Force Majeure": This refers to the "act of God" clause in our contract. If for some reason you are not able to have your event, we have determined Covid-19 to fit the definition of this provision in the contract. While refunds may not always be possible (case-by-case), we are working with each client to unsure booking protections and carry-over to rescheduled event dates.

2) Book the package you want, but have a backup: The phased reopening guidelines of either Oregon or Washington will determine the level of service we are able to provide. If you book an open air photo booth or Selfie Slideshow package for summer/fall 2020, we will ensure a photo booth experience for your event. If we are unable to provide a "full service" operation due to ongoing closure, we will convert your event to a digital photo experience and charge only for the downgraded service. Digital photo booth experiences, while not having the same level of service as our higher packages, are still fun, engaging, and create memories that will last the test of time.

3) Guest safety is a priority. Your booking is important and so is your health. With our full service photo booth operations, our team has masks available, hand sanitizer at our photo booth station, and disinfectant wipes for our props. In addition to these safety precautions, we encourage guests to practice social distancing. Our full service photo booth operations will also limit touch screen inputs to only the photo booth operator in order to slow/prevent the spread of Covid-19 through touch surfaces.

If you have any questions about what Mountain View Photo Booth is doing to protect your health, please e-mail us at If you are a potential client of ours and would like a quote, you can request one below:

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