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Covid-19 Policies Update

As the impact of COVID-19 grows, I wanted to share the steps Mountain View Photo Booth has enacted to reduce the risk of infection and to preserve the health, safety, and well-being to our team members, our clients and their guests. We all must do our part to ensure this goal is met.

The entire photo booth industry relies on a healthy events industry, and the events industry relies on the ability for us to be able to come together as a community and gather in large numbers. Mountain View Photo Booth is working every day to ensure our level of customer service our clients are accustomed to is not diminished.

We continue to closely monitor and assess this evolving situation, and any changes in company policies and procedures regarding COVID-19 precautions will be based on scientific studies and official reports, and any changes we make will be updated here. If you have any personal questions, requirements or preferences, please email me at and we will do our best to accommodate within reason.

  1. Masks: Our staff will be required to wear masks, Masks are a sign of respect towards others' health. While we will not debate the politics of a mask, they are required by executive order in both Oregon and Washington. Our staff will abide by this order. All guests using our photo booth must wear a mask while waiting in line for the photo booth.

  2. No-touch photo booth: For the foreseeable future, our attendants will be the only ones allowed to touch the photo booth screen during attended events. Guests will be required to maintain social distance from the photo booth and attendant for the duration of the rental period.

  3. Sanitized digital photo booths: Our digital photo booth rentals will operate as usual, but our staff will sanitize everything before the event begins and at the end of the rental.

  4. Limited/No Props: We know this is a significant bummer, but there is no feasible way to properly sanitize every prop between guests, so we will be limiting and in some cases eliminating props for the foreseeable future. Where events take place that have props, they may only be used 1 time and must be placed on a "used" table. Until props are sanitized between guests they may not be used again. Depending on how busy the photo booth is will determine how often props are able to be sanitized between guests.

  5. Pen bins for guest books: For photo guest books, guests can pick up a clean pen from one bin and put it into one labeled ‘used’ when they are done. Pens will be sanitized between events.

  6. A different way to social share: Instead of texting and emailing right from the photo booth, a link and corresponding QR code will be displayed near the photo booth at the event showing guests where they can go on their phone’s browser to access all of the evenings’ photos. Provided there is adequate internet service available at the venue, photos will sync to the folder automatically as they are taken. This eliminates the need to touch any tablet surface, and still allows guests to get digital copies of their photos. All photos will queue in the system for events that do not have adequate internet service. In this scenario, we will upload a link to your online gallery on our social media pages and guests will be able to visit the gallery and save their digital photos.

  7. Sanitizing all equipment before and after events: All our equipment will be sanitized before and after events, and all our boxes and equipment will be sanitized inside our storage facility as well.

  8. Next day prints: For our clients who have prints as part of their package, and would like to eliminate an additional point of contact at their event, we are providing the option for next day prints. After the event has taken place, we will print a copy of each photo session from our office. The prints can be placed in the envelopes you send out with thank you cards so guests get their prints! Our unlimited photo sessions policy refers to each person in a photo session receiving a copy of the photo, so everyone will get a print of each session they were in. Note: For our guests who have booked a print package, if we have not reached phase II (Oregon guidelines), we will either convert your booking to a digital photo booth and offer a refund of the difference between the digital photo booth and the open air photo booth; or, we will offer next day prints. Props will be unavailable if we have not reached phase 2 reopening guidelines.

  9. Force Majeure: Events that have been postponed due to the application of the "force majeure" or "act of god" clause, we will be sending out a new contract addendum. Any changes to your event including times, downgrades in service, upgrades in service, etc. will require a new contract addendum to be signed by our staff and by the client.

What we are requesting from our clients:

  1. Masks: Please encourage your guests to wear masks. This has been proven by the CDC to protect other people from getting sick, even when asymptomatic. This is a really wonderful way to respect your hardworking vendors whose lives depend on being able to work events every weekend.

  2. Set up location: In normal operations, you'd want your photo booth to be close to foot traffic. During this time, If it is possible to put us away from the dance floor and other major foot traffic spots, that is ideal. This will allow us to better control the flow of traffic around the photo booth and do our best to maintain social distancing.

  3. Following the Governor’s minimum standard health protocols: We know rules are no fun, but they’re here to protect us all. Please encourage your guests, planner, vendors and venue to follow the Governor's orders regarding large events. We have no political position as to the orders. We only ask that your guests comply to protect both our business and the health of your guests.

If you have any further questions about what Mountain View Photo Booth is doing to protect your health, event, and day, please text or e-mail us. Contact information below.

Stephanie Burch - (503) 360-2221

Tim Burch - (503) 915-4787

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